Zombieland, Are We Ready For a Sequel?

It is a surprise to no one that I am a zombie fan. From the Walking Dead to Shaun of the Dead, I have a soft spot for them all. Though I may have failed zombie fans everywhere when I missed out on Zombieland when it premiered in theaters during 2009. I truly cannot remember the reason why I missed out on this film. It was only when it came out on DVD that I finally saw it.

I must have watched it at least twice before returning it to Netflix. The four main characters, named after the cities, ventured across the US and had me laughing along the entire way. The awkward father-son, crossed with best friend relationship that Jesse and Woody portray just really made the film. I have seen this movie possibly more than any other movie released in the past 10 years.

After film released, I remember being overly eager that they would release a sequel. Year after year went by with it only being a passing comment from original creators. Then came the Amazon Prime series for Zombieland.

Zombieland the TV series was abysmal. I attempted two episodes and could not even give any additional time to it. Each lead characters was recast in the TV show. The new actors and actresses did not capture the characters and it is hard to say if they were poorly written or just difficult for the leads to connect with.

The show attempted to pick up just after the movie, with little to no ties to the original other than character names. It felt as if the show dumbed down the humor to literally spell out jokes for you, to what I could describe only as painful. The show did not capture the fanbase that it thought that it could, little to say that it was not renewed for another season.

Skip to last year, officially the original team and actors/actresses announce they are returning to take on a true official sequel. It is to be released exactly 10 years to the day of the original movie’s theatrical release. The question remains if it will be able to re-capture the great balance of gore, humor and character building. I am left with my fingers crossed and hopes high that it has had enough time for the script to ripen. Hopefully we are all not let down.

I will close out this post with the note that today is the last day of the A-Z April Blogging challenge. Never thought it would have flown by so quickly. It has been a great experience and outlet to share my thoughts.

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