Xenomorphs, Can they Survive in Disney

Alien has been in some new articles recently as a high school in New Jersey put on a stage rendition of the titular movie. Sigourney Weaver even made an appearance to congratulate the cast and crew. Prior to that the last entry into the series was Alien:Covenant, which held mixed reviews and poor box office results. This may mean that the follow up from Ridley Scott himself, Alien: Awakening may never see the light of the film projector.

This may cause fans to worry even more, with the Disney acquisitions of the Fox properties, include Alien. I have heard numerous vocalizations of fear over good ol’ Mickey Mouse being in charge. Quotes like “Guess we will never get another ‘R’ rated Alien again” or “Great another reboot incoming” or even “Cartoon face huggers and Xenomorph are going to have a musical dance number!”

Let me address these concern before diving into my own. First let me correct the statement, Disney has and will continue to deliver R rated films. They may not publish them under the obvious Disney branding, however plenty of their subsidiaries are happy to. Did you like Pulp Fiction, Starship Troopers, Sin City, or Bad Santa? All Disney companies.

Concerned over reboots? Yes that is a valid concern, but is it that bad? Legacy fans may be upset but a lot of people were already disappointed over the direct of the movies, even trailing back to Alien 3. While Prometheus attempted this once, it was not a true and full reboot so maybe it will not be as bad as you think. Give a chance for some fresh new blood and guts to make our hearts bust out of our chest as if a face hugger already got us. The last point, being cartoon-ization. there are plenty of quality cartoon/anime spin offs of big series, that might be a needed rejuvenation for the series.

As for my concerns, my only concern is that existing fans of the series may not be open to giving a chance for change to this series. I do enjoy the Alien movies, games, comics and others, but the cross overs have been one of my favorite parts.

I am open to change, but I just hope that they do not stall the future of Alien too long.

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