Wow… Avengers Endgame

Today I will speak regarding my reaction to Avengers:Endgame. You would be a fool if you thought that I would let it go by without sharing my reaction. Note that it will not contain spoilers, though I highly recommend that you see it this weekend if you do not want someone to spoil it for you. It will be full of opinions based on my viewing of the movie.

I must start off with the atmosphere. From the start I saw that many of the people around me were donning their Marvel/Avengers swag. Many of which brought along their children, likely trying to bond over these heroes that I am positive they watched the series with prior. Directly to my left sat a guy whose birthday it was; I only found this out by around three people in his party walking up to him and wishing him a happy birthday, before and during the previews.

Not bad so far, then there was a loud teen at the other end of the row, vocalizing his feelings very early in the movie, after getting no reaction from the audience this dwindled down quickly. However next to him was a girl who was almost as loudly providing commentary throughout the entirety of the movie to what I can only assume is herself. This did not stop at any point during the movie.

Skip back to the gentlemen next to me, his young daughter (maybe 4 or 5) kept walking up to him on 15 minute intervals demanding to sit with him. While I understand this is not unusually for kids of that age, the fathers responses were more distracting. He would loudly ‘Shhh’ her and push her to the side as he would say “Don’t stand in front of the screen”. It was clear that the movie was much more important than anything/anyone else. Eventually he caved and let her sit on his lap where she began to fall asleep. Then he promptly told her to get down and go back to her seat. This behavior did not cease, I had to put all efforts into focusing on the movie.

That said, with those two complaints aside, let’s get into the movie itself. A culmination of many many years of build up. As we all know, the decimation (snap) left a lot of characters as shocked as we, the viewer, were. Watching endgame is almost therapeutic in how they address where they left you off.

While most fans will tell you that Captain Marvel is a standalone and not necessary in watching prior to Endgame, I would argue that it is rather important for context regarding the character, so you do not feel like you are missing something. Captain Marvel was a good movie, there is no good reason that you should miss it.

Skip to pacing of the movie, it hits lulls for story building but never long enough to impact the overall story or make you feel bored. Action scenes are done well and it is easy to follow along and keep up with the story of it. There was great comedy through out, and some jokes gave long time fans an extra bit of humor. Being three hours long, it did not feel like it. I sat at the end of the moving just hoping for a little more.

I may have wanted the movie to continue even longer but at it’s conclusion, I was still satisfied. Did it meet my expectations, yes. Did it exceed them, yes. Do I feel excited for the next steps of the MCU, I don’t know. This being such a big event, I do not know how it will ever be replicated, I hope there are more in the future, but I just don’t know how they do that yet, maybe Secret Wars? Just throwing it out there.

My last comment will be an echo of something that I said earlier, If you do not want this spoiled for you. You better see it soon, I would definitely bet on people talking about this movie, and they won’t hold their tongues for long.

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