Why wait for E3?

Going into 2019’s E3, I was not excited like previous years. I did not even think about it until after it had already started. I attempted to watch some of the key notes here and there and nothing grabbed me. Nothing stood out as something that excited me into watching the next trailer.

I found myself still waiting hours afterwords pushing myself to see if anything was announced that I had to see right then. Don’t get me wrong, I have not lost my passion for video games. Something was different and it was not just that Sony was volunteer-ly absent this year. It was just that so many games were already announced. Consoles already announced. There was no anticipation for anything this year as a steady stream of games had already snuck their way into spotlight here and there.

Games like Death Stranding and Pokemon Sword & Shield with detailed mini events/trailers weeks before. Such solid new games that were intriguing and made you want to know more. Maybe the fact that these came first gave them a leg up on everyone else, it’s hard to say.

Skip to today, Nintendo ends on a high note of a direct sequel to Zelda: Breathe of the wild. It looks good, but still even a follow up to a SOLID entry into a beloved series such as Legend of Zelda, just falls flat for me. Do I not want to play Zelda? No I am sure that it will be great. I just know that it will be some time before it makes it’s debut.

Do I believe that E3 is past it’s prime and outlived it’s welcome? No. There are plenty of people unlike myself who rely solely on this information. There are thousands that travel to go experience the live demos. There are still journalist or reviewers that give insight into what they have spoken about or played.

I do believe that a big change would need to happen if it does not want to lose others attention.

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