What about ‘US’?


Five days later, I still find myself muling over Jordan Peele’s latest movie, Us. My expectations set from his 2017 hit, Get Out, left huge shoes to fill. What I got was good but not exactly what I was hoping for. What was I hoping for? I couldn’t even tell you, but that was not it.

As soon as the movie ended, lights come up and like the popcorn from the beginning of the movie; I am digesting what I just watched. The actors did an amazing job, they really were the light shinning through a rather dark movie. Capturing the Santa Cruz pier in it’s early scenes were most excellent and came across as if it was snatched from true beach front memories. Luniz single I Got Five on It, carried the ambiance of the movie, from an upbeat throwback to a slowed ballad stand off. This was not enough to leave me feeling like it surpassed the Peele legacy.

Often finding myself pointing out where I thought the movie would have gone a different direction. Don’t mistake this for saying that it is a bad thing. I actually think being unpredictable is important and difficult for modern day movies, so does that mean I liked these decisions; I don’t know.

Now you may be saying to yourself, why am I reading this? This guy doesn’t seem to be sure about anything with this movie. I have to rebuttal with how else should you feel about a movie that answers few of the questions it raises. It is theses questions that I am left with and finding myself continuing to think about the movie, many days after watching it.

How many tunnels contain the tethered? If a surface dweller travels to another part of the country does the tether follow below? Where did all the scissors come from? Why does coincidence seem to be a warning? Did anyone catch how Red sat in the chair exactly like the young Adelaide?

So many more, however I want to take a look at one specific line in the movie. When explaining that the tethered were abandoned, a line came up regarding using them to puppeteer and influences those above ground. This really began to pique my curiosity, does this control only go one way? What makes the tethered have this ability?

This line of questions brought to one thought, what if it was something genetic with these duplicates, something they passed down to one another. Then what does that mean for the once tethered now adult and free Adelaide and her children? While this theory (according my recollection of the movie) is not supported by the daughter’s actions. It may very well be by her son.

In multiple scenes this half-tether Jason demonstrates control over his counterpart Pluto. To the level of detriment of Pluto’s own demise. Could this be supported by the fact that the family seemed to outwit each of their doppelgängers with the exception of the tethered father’s bad luck with a boat motor. Also being the only individuals that we see do this exact thing.

None the less, I find myself continuously thinking about this movie and looking for more secrets to uncover from it. While I cannot say that I favorite this over Get Out, it is not something that seems to be easily forgettable.

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