Vampires, Witches, and Demons, Oh My

Recently I started watching a show The Discovery of Witches on AMC. While the title hints [or blatantly spells it out] that it is about Witches, the other two creatures make an appearance as well. Some might say that this is nothing new, turn on your local CW network and see the same thing.

The show does take a much subtler approach than Supernatural & company. Setting up a dramatic story telling by lots of character building. It also takes opportunity to re-tell or call out these creatures stereotypes, once again not a new concept. Three episodes into the series and I am still not sure where they are really going with the over arching story.

Vampires take a more classical look, not the menacing grewsome that you would see in 30 Days of Night. Not a overly glistening one as seen in recent teen flicks either. Witches are not green or warty either. Demons we have seen very little of at this point. Everyone is extremely “human” looking at this point, nothing stands out of the ordinary for these characters.

I have to applaud the attempts to take on these worn old stories. I am not sure that this will hit as hard with fans of the fast paced counterparts staring the same monsters. I will treat it like other shows and give it a chance to surprise me.

Do I recommend that you give the show a try? Sure, once again I am someone who is all about story telling, and extremely generous with giving a show an opportunity to get on their feet. So why not give it a try, just don’t expect it to jump into a thrill ride.

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