Trophies & Achievements

When the Xbox 360 debuted achievements, Sony followed suit with trophies. At that point in my life I was very excited at the concept of bragging about the feats that I conquered in the video game realm. Everyone could see the efforts that I had gone through.

Microsoft even create niche rewards for your avatars for accomplishing some of these said achievements. Props, clothing, and cosplay for your virtual self to settle in with. This was a nice concept at first though few games actually implemented it, leading it to suffer and never reach it’s potential.

Sony never really did anything more with their trophies, outside of ranking them via what color trophy it was. Often the final trophy or trophy indicated all others had been seized was marked as the “Platinum” trophy. I found that during their introduction, I was not as captured by the PS3 trophies as their counterparts on the Xbox 360.

Today I find myself not stretching myself to wrap up those final achievements any longer. Usually if I am satisfied with the story and game; I will just leave it be. Only sometimes using that one last trophy as a challenge to test my skills, but never mandatory.

In some cases I also find myself using the trophies as an excuse to “100%” and get that extra enjoyment out of the universe that was built around it. While I still regularly reference them when playing a game, they have definitely lost some of the sheen, that they once had.

Now if only I could get an achievement for the number of hours that I have put into movies and tv shows…

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