The Misadventures of Moving

In the exhilaration of searching for a new home, you are caught up in the hunt of finding the right sanctuary. Over the last several months I have been in the state of mind. The good news is that I found that place. The next three weeks were a blur, between multiple trips to the bank, to the house for inspections, and trips to measure spaces for my appliances, everything that is recommended for the purchase of a new home. A rushed twenty one days, it was closed and the keys were in hand.

The keys inserted into a lock and with a twist of my wrist I unlocked my new front door. My voice echoed through the home bouncing off the bare walls bare, high ceilings and empty home. I looked around and thought to myself, it would still be at least a fortnight before my bed was set and I rested my head on the pillow, but still this was my home.

I looked around my former abode to see, to avoid the proverbial chicken before they hatched, extremely minimal packing had been done. Luckily I had sort of planned for this, and avoided giving my landlord notice until everything was set in stone. It was done just shortly after I clutched the keys firmly and knew that it was reality. Packing started immediately.

I held strong to the fourteen days that were my goal originally. Scheduling appointments for Xfinity installation, gas line installation for the dryer, refrigerator delivery and someone to hang my tv on the majestic living room wall. My own tasks for the home, of installing my Ring cameras around the home, rebuilding my furniture after the move, changing out all the locks on the doors, re-keying them, replacing wax rings on all the toilets. Everything seemed so daunting, how will I ever be done with everything and actually move into my house?

Another week after moving in a majority of it is done. The laundry took longer than expected to get corrected after getting someone out to fix the duct that was blocked by the new gas line. The refrigerator was late, best buy delivered some abysmal customer service and the appliance showed up with a light out but that is a post for another day.

Worse than that it seems that I lost or misplaced my original PS4 and a Nintendo Switch dock during the move. I was positive that it had made it way to this home, however after searching and emptying every box that I could find, it was not there, nor was it still at my previous house. I cannot express the frustration and sadness that these un-replaceable are gone.

To end on a positive note: I find myself seeing things daily that I would like to change and take on as projects. This once was a feeling that frustrated me, as a renter making improvements or changes usually was a fruitless and a poor “investment”. Now I feel empowered to make this home what I want it to be.

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