Super Mario’s Best Games [In my Opinion]

Today I will be taking a look at my top picks for Mario games and gameplay styles. I must share now that none of my picks are from the Nintendo Entertainment System generation. Some might call that blasphemy, however while they are great choices, I have my reasons for choosing others over them.

Super Mario World is my first entry on this list. This title shared started off with very classic Mario feel, then quickly improves upon almost everything. From Mario picking up shells to the introduction of ridable Yoshi. Yoshi in fact having abilities for different shells was extremely clever.

One reason that this entry beat out Super Mario Bros 3, would be the flight improvements from the Super Raccoon Mario (Tanooki Suit Mario) into Cape Mario were amazing. The secrets and tricks utilizing the flight within the game were heads and tails (tanooki pun intended) above the previous games.

Most of all I was impressed with the thought that I had to put into defeating the villains. Not everything was as straight forward as the NES counterparts. This is a strong entry within the series.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island is second on my list here, but may be my favorite game Mario game of all time. While you may feel slightly cheated as this is not a traditional Mario lead game, I argue that Mario was right there the entire time.

Yoshi is a great lead character and the bond that is created with the game protagonist, is great insight into the relationship the title character has with Mario. While this game expands on the lore of Yoshi’s a bit, the transitions between Yoshi’s story [another great game/reference there] and levels themselves was very cleaver. Also throwing eggs never gets old.

Super Mario 64 DS might seem like a strange choice. Why not just the original Super Mario 64? Honestly, you are right, it has every right to be on this list as well. The first 3D Mario game for that generation. Why did I put the DS version on this list? Because only 2 reasons.

1:The game is possibly the best Launch title that the DS could have come with. It demonstrated a level of processing power not seen before on a portable console. It really gave insight into what we could expect to see in the future of mobile gaming.

2. You do not have to play the game as only Mario. You have Yoshi, Luigi, and Wario all as options and necessary on some levels. It added quite a bit to the game we all played and loved previously.

New Super Mario Bros Wii is the final game on the list. Some of you may have already guessed, based on my previous post, why I picked this game. It introduced co-op game play. It is possibly the most fun that I have had playing with another person on a Mario game. Formerly you would have to take turns and hand the controller back and fourth.

Nintendo decided no more! They allowed up to four people play at one time. While it could easily become a cluster, dealing with two or three people was perfect. No other reason does it stand out, but it surely was enough.

My last comment is more of an honorary mention of Mario Kart 64. While it is not a Super Mario game, the environment it is based out of is clear. The battle mode (ballons) and racing, created hours of fun for my friends and I. It deserves to be shared when ever a Mario discussion is happening.

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