Spoilers Are Out There

Warning: No actual spoilers are shared in the reading of this blog post.

Just over a week ago I posted a spoiler free opinion piece on Avengers: Endgame. I did this as a courtesy to though who had not yet gone on the opening night. Even at that time a simple google search would have presented itself with hundreds of articles & blog post filled to the brim with spoilers about the movie.

In my office over this past week, there were also few people that had not seen it but unlike previous shows and movies, people were discussing opening spoilers spilling out everywhere. It seems that there is near no where that you could avoid these spoilers. With an opening weekend of more than 1.2 billion, should that have been expected? Was this particular movie just too much to keep to ourselves? Even I anticipated it when I said in my post that if you cared about spoilers that you would have to move quickly to see the movie.

This past week had been huge for another TV show and spoilers throw everywhere. While I do not watch Game of Thrones, I know plenty people that do, so when I over hear someone loudly talking about Sunday’s episode or see something without the Spoiler tag online, I sympathize with the idea that someone’s show is going to be spoiled for them. If it was something from The Walking Dead, I know I would feel slighted.

Which brings me to my final example, this week a new issue of The Walking Dead comic released. In the final pages of the comic, a major incident happens, and a cliffhanger is left for the readers. In scrolling through my normal sites that I cycle through for nerdy news, I came across a title that blatantly reveals this event with no spoiler tags or censoring. The title of the article just puts it out there as big news to grab readers.

At the time of seeing the article I had not read the issue. Normally I am someone who loves speculation and detective work into what I think will happen next. Even when I do stumble upon a spoiler it does not tend to heavily impact me, but for some reason this article and this instance did. I was actually very frustrated and upset with the publication’s lack of care for the readers.

To summarize this best, this week has felt like there have been more spoilers than the warehouse scene in 2 Fast 2 Furious. It feels like a huge change in spoiler etiquette has happened. Good luck navigating the spoiler ridden waters out there.

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