Poor Choices in Horror Films

From running UP stairs to not giving that downed antagonist a double tap, our fictional main characters tend to make decisions that we criticize. The question really is, are they making bad choices or is this realistic choices. Do we over inflate ourselves into believing that our snap judgements or decisions are so much better than the ones we see in horror.

It is wishful thinking that we never make mistakes. However is it the protagonist’s flaw that they possible do not want to commit homicide of their predator, preventing them from keeping that murderer from making that one last scare? Are they afraid that they will see themselves become what they are trying to escape.

Maybe they are just that stupid? When I have had these types of encounters in my dreams, I seem to always find the right hiding place. This occurs just before I find the right opportunity to take out my oppressors. Rarely do I seem to get caught off guard, or become the victim that we see in the movies.

This may be why I have the false criticisms of these movies. Then again, when you see the leads run past multiple tools and resources that you know could have been used as a weapon to fight back, maybe we should be upset. Maybe the future casualty is running in hopes of collecting themself and observe the murderer to come up with a plan?

Scream does an excellent job paying homage to these hidden rules of horror, while calling them at the same time. It may be the exception to the article, however at the end of the day I know the real reason for these behaviors. It creates better atmosphere for the unease and uncomfortable viewers experience.

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