Online Multiplayer or Campaign Stories

With games like Fortnite, PubG, and [now] Apex controlling a large number of the gamer base. These battle royale style seem to drive the multiplayer experience currently. Games that never previously entered this battlefield, seem to be following suite and jumping right in.

We saw this previously with games and horde modes. Does this mean that the game creators are all just copying each other? Yes, but that is not a bad thing. The idea of taking something and innovating or improving upon it, is how we reached the level of technology that we currently are at. If we gave up and said nothing could be better than it is today, that would just make our society pathetic.

I may have gotten a bit off topic, however I wanted to just start off by saying that similarities are not bad and I will not be judging them based on this. I also have to keep in mind that each player has their own preferences and mine has changed over the years. If I had been asked 15 years ago what the most import aspect of a game would be, I would have said Halo 2 online multiplayer easily. A time when that dominated my free hours.

Now I video games control a smaller amount of time within my life. Don’t get me wrong, I still love video games but the choices that I make of what I play and dedicate my time to, goes under strict arbitration. The idea of does it add anything substantially to my entertainment.

I find that while I understand the enjoyment that I once received from meeting up with friends online regularly and playing through the favorite game of the time, was fulfilling in that moment, I no longer look for it or plan my time around it. Campaigns and delving into the lore of the biggest titles grabs my attention more.

I find that open world games, with multiplayer shared campaign experiences, such as Destiny or Fallout 76 delivers a well rounded experience. These would be my pick for a balance of both worlds, being able to hop on and meet up with friends while still growing your experience in a fictional universe.

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