Not Another Reboot

Reboot is almost like a swear word. The mere mention of ‘reboot’ can throw fanboys(and girls) into a frenzy. What was once something that only happened many [many] years apart; now is it seems as frequent as a young me pressing the reset button on my NES during a flawed speed run.

As my previous post detailed the reboot of Fantastic Four did not work out so well for them. Andrew Garfield might say the same thing about the Amazing Spider-Man series. If you are to believe the critics and box office, David Habour as Hellboy may be joining the others shortly. This is a shame, as hypothetically none of these movies sound like bad ideas.

Why did viewers have such a hard time grasping onto these re-creations? I believe one of the things is timing. They just unfortunately were after the previous incarnation. It was too soon after viewers had bonded with the initial actors and characters. We had not had time to grieve and move on.

If Tobey Maguire’s, true to the character nerdy, Peter Parker had followed Andrew Garfield’s, on point sarcastic witty, Spider-Man we would have poked more holes in those movies and possible been saved from ever seeing Spider-Man 3. Logistically I know based on timeline, age and everything else, that would make that scenario highly unlikely. This was just a clear example.

Now you may be reading this and saying, “Not so fast sir, what about Tom Holland’s Spidey?” This brings me to my second caveat, what does it add or solve for the character/series. For this example, it brings Spider-Man home to the MCU. It connects him to a larger universe outside his own (yet outstanding) “neighborhood”.

This is the same reason that I believe Man of Steel was a strong foundation that could have held the DCU at one point. There are many other reasons that I won’t get into here on why Justice League was unsuccessful. Back to Man of Steel, some critisized over the grittiness of the movie, and the fact that [**spoiler** but seriously this movie is six years old, stop lying to yourself and admit that you will never watch it] Superman destroys over half of Metropolis and kills Zod.

The argument is that seems unlike Superman, and that is 100% true! This is not the Superman that we see in most comics. This was a young, fresh off the farm roads of Smallville, Superman. It is safe to say he never had to deal with something that was equal (or superior) to himself. To best describe it, it was like watching a child play operation for the first time. When they go for the pencil and they just can’t seem to control it, contact with the metal. BUUUUUUZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!

The shock and unease that sets in over them. This is Superman learning how to face his physical equals. I have gone off on a tangent. My point was that Man of Steel gave an inexperienced Superman who would be on par with his Justice League members.

My recommendation to all the movie makers and producers, don’t jump right back on the most popular characters, take a chance on something new and surprise us all.

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