Marvel Comics Best Recent Story Arcs (In My Opinion)

Marvel Comics has an amazing line up of characters and limitless potential for stories between all of them. Today I just want to cover some of my favorites from recent years.

Spider-verse was an amazing story in 2014. While not the first time to see a cluster of spider-men. This was the largest gathering from across the universes. Our traditional Spider-Man led one of two groups of Spider-Men opposite of the Superior Spider-Man (More to come about him). These two led their groups against a vampiric species, led by Morlun, that fed on the Spider-Men of different universes.

It starts off strong with immediately killing a medieval 1602 Spider-man only pages in. The conflicts between allies comes to a head and multiple spiders are lost through out. This technically shared it’s name [loosely] with the 2018 movie “Into the Spider-verse”. However are strongly two different stories. As all the stories on this list, I highly recommend reading it.

Superior Spider-Man premiered in 2013. This introduced a radically different Peter Parker, mainly because Doc Ock had implanted his mind inside Spider-Man’s body. Octavius slowly begins to see the world through his former nemesis’ eyes, literally. To see a villain balance carefully between good and evil. I will avoid spoilers so I won’t share anything further.

Old Man Logan most recently is thought of as source material (from 2009) for the Fox movie “Logan”. In both Wolverine [Logan] is living in a distant future and he has aged to be an “Old Man”. This is where the similarities end. The comic provides a gritty look at a wasteland run by the former villains.

Few to no heroes remain, aside from Wolverine and his old friend Hawkeye, who is now blind. The story is based on revenge instead of redemption (as seen in the movie). I will not spoil anything further, however know that the character was enjoyed enough to be brought into the mainstream Marvel Universe (616) when they consolidated after the most recent Secret Wars storyline.

Marvel Zombies takes a stab, to the brains, of introducing the undead into a super powered world during 2005. The first few pages along show a fearful Magneto fighting for his life against his colleagues and former enemies. All of which had been infected and zombified. So see zombies function with higher powered brain function, super powers, and an unquenchable hunger for flesh, is something short of amazing. Being a fan of both superhero and zombie genre, this is a natural pick for me.

Civil War 2 from 2016 is a bit more controversial. This is due to mixed reviews when it released. The previous civil war (10 years earlier) left big shoes to fill, and is great on it’s own merits. There is no denying that series so I wanted to take time to call out some of the great pieces of the follow up to that story.

One word, Inhumans! I have to be honest when I share that prior to this story line, I had very little respect or care to read about what I once referred to as the bargain bin X-Men. However getting to know some of these characters like Medusa and Black Bolt, gave a new found appreciation for them. In fact this is what got my hopes up for the movie turned T.V. show that we should not talk about.

The fight against predicting the future leads down a path that splits the Avengers and friends once again. Having Tony and Captain America on the same side this time with a civil war, it felt refreshing. Miles Morales (The 1616 Ultimate universe’s Spider-Man)got the chance to play an important part as well. The ending felt rushed but the journey to it was highly entertaining.

House of M is the final on my list for today. Published in 2005, this takes place as if Mutants took their place atop the social and justice ladder. It is not the Mutants that are discriminated against, but instead the persecutors. Even super powered individuals that are not mutants are viewed with shame. This causes even Spider-Man to lie and claim a mutant heritage to gain popularity. Green Goblin is not a fan of this, and wants to call him out on this, there is a great twist to this side story as well. Wolverine knows something strange is going on and determined to get to the bottom of it.

My recommendation is that none of the aforementioned series should leave you dissatisfied. If you are looking for a great ride, feel free to view digitally or grab the collection via graphic novels.

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