L is for LOL

If you have read any of my previous post you will notice a heavy theme with the shows, movies, video games, and comics that I have referenced. I wanted to take today’s post with a different approach. The one that references the best kind of medicine, that’s laughter for anyone not familiar with that anecdote. 

While a good portion of my desired media viewing is spent on darker tones or serious stories, I have to lighten it up with humor. Sitcoms, stand up, game shows and even reality tv, they all can give you something to laugh at.

Not every type or even individual show is meant for everyone. An example of that, many people have suggested based on my nerdy nature that I would LOVE the show Big Bang Theory. Just writing it makes me cringe. The show has never been able to capture me, and sometimes comes off as pedantic and incorrectly condescending.  Meanwhile another sitcom that resonated so strongly with myself, would be Friends.

In fact it is often a show that I can fall asleep with it on. Which sounds like a bad thing but in reality it is something that provides a level of comfort. It truly has stood the test of time for myself.  I have watched the series so many times that I am able to jump in during any episode and enjoy.

Modern Family is a more recent example of a show that I can turn on and just leave in the background at any time. It has the right level of humor and attitude to be a cleanser from the heaviness of my usual series of show.

Stand up is a little more direct as you as you expect to laugh and enjoy yourself. I usually give a comic around 10 minutes to make me laugh  a couple times to know if I will be able to sit through the entirety of the act. Netflix has a library of comedians with different skillsets and attitudes, so finding the right one for you, is just a controller and stream away from you.

Gameshows and reality tv are even different. Often I find myself not laughing at someone’s intentional joke but laughing at the ridiculous circumstances or statements that they make. Some might even apply this previous statement to the nightly news. I find myself shocked and laughing at the absurdity of a contestant’s answer on Family Feud [Just look it up on YouTube, there are plenty of compilation videos out there]. The oblivious-ness of reality show personalities  when infant of a  camera. Spouting off as if their burst of outrage someone empowers them in the moment, when we the viewers only lose more and more respect for them.

To summarize everything: “an apple a day, keep the doctor awa-“. Oh Wait, I mean “laughter is the best medicine”; go get healthy people! 

2 thoughts on “L is for LOL”

  1. Laughter truly is good for us all.
    I just wish I could find true humor on TV these days…
    (Sorry, not a fan of TV – but I like the way you’re breaking out your topic!)

    Happy A-Z’ing!

    1. I appreciate the comment. Many people are in the same boat as yourself and not huge fans of television. While I mostly utilized [TV] it within this article, it still applies to a great book, or even live events.

      You do the same!

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