Just Never Gonna’ Happen

Half Life 3 or even Episode 3 has been begged for, cried about, and fanboyed over for over 15 years. Gabe Newell at the center of so many jokes regarding his ‘sole’ responsibility for the games release or lack there of. Critiques of the decision to focus on the Steam platform instead of the content for it. How will I ever know if our favorite world saving scientist, Gordon Freeman, will ever speak?

Rumors fly around the internet on what the story could have been, what characters were gonna play a role, connections to other Valve games, anything and everything about this game. Was this shader intended for this game? What is the story behind the G-man? Will I ever get answers?

This happens when a studio attempts at making something mysterious and something to talk about. They are then pressured to provide answers, or leave their fans feeling incomplete when they cannot get these questions resolved. Another situation is when the game company makes a game that is iconic that they feel setup to continue the story, even if the story was complete initially.

An example of this, would be my favorite game of all time, Earthbound. Now let me share details of this with those of you unaware of the stellar video game. Earthbound is technical a sequel, it is original titled Mother 2. It follows the young protagonist, Ness (yes that Ness from your favorite fighting game, Super Smash Bros.), gaining miraculous abilities and fighting his way through all kinds of tropes ands comedic villains.

The game has such a fanboy following that when Mother 3 came out in Japan, all anyone could say was “When are we gonna get a copy?” To this day, there has not been an American release. This has driven fans to create translations so that others can enjoy the game. We can also take a look at another example within the series, Earthbound 64. This was meant for release and follow our favorite characters from the previous game. Unfortunately this game was halted during production and received not even a limited release.

Silent Hills another example of a game that we are never going to get. This one made it as far as receiving a limited release, Playable Teaser [P.T.] upon the Playstation store. I remember playing through the first person demo of the game making my way through an apartment full of unease. The first Silent Hill title that I had tried since completed The Room. It had a great energy and tone. While the minds behind it re-united for Death Stranding (due out later this year), we will not get the most promising Silent Hill game in a long time.

I share these examples and we commiserate over them, but in reality we may very well be thankful. As in some cases you may not get the game that you have been so desperately been waiting for, *Ahem* Duke Nukem Forever.

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