It’s IT

No I am not talking about the delicious ice cream cookie treat, but something more chilling. IT, Pennywise, Judith, Leper, giant spider thing, or the eater of worlds, the Stephen King monster is what I am referring to. In 2017 we were provided a new introduction to this story. The Dancing Clown shimmied horrifying towards the viewers in what I could only describe as a walking seizure.

Bill Skarsgård should be commended for bringing something new to a character that Tim Curry set a high bar with previously. A monster that takes on your fears to feed upon your compromised self. The book flips between the past and the present to tell the story. Recent rendition of the movie focuses only on the main character’s childhood.

This year we will see those characters as adults in IT:Chapter 2. Twenty-sever years later IT returns to feed. To say the least I am excited to see the conclusion to this story. So much so, that I have returned to the book, many years later just to relive the story now.

Almost pairing with the post yesterday of haunted places, Derry, a small town seems to be a part of the monster itself as, residents of the town seem to allow this to happen. So maybe the observation that we are monsters ourselves. In the book you see many examples of hate, discrimination, bullying, and segregation, this would support the idea that Pennywise is not the only monster within the town.

Only when the main characters stand up to these sentiments and people do we see evil defeated. The story really sucks you in and can make you feel you are 12 years old fighting along side your companions. I almost wonder if a game driven by player decisions and quick time events similar to a Telltale(rest in peace) or Quantic Dreams game, would compliment this overall story very well. In my opinion this may be the perfect next step for this universe. Feel free to share this idea, I would love to see someone put this idea to coding and make something playable.

Regardless, I do not see that happening anytime soon. I guess we will have to wait until fall to get our next piece of this story.

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