Haunted Locations or Objects

Today continues the two part theme into the haunted locations or object.

With horror movies like Annabelle or 2012’s The Possession [featuring the Dybbuk Box], object possessed movies have been in the spot light. Going as far as drawing viewers last Halloween when the Ghost Adventures crew claimed that they would live open the real Dybbuk Box that the aforementioned moved was based on. Spoiler alert: They didn’t end up doing it.

I have never personally came across an object that has carried that level of weight or darkness. This idea is almost a scarier thought than a person or place with an attachment. Items can follow you or be passed from one to another. Such power trapped within a small item. I believe that location based haunting are more likely.

Yesterday I shared my experience at a local theatre back stage. In fact I can confirm that it is not uncommon location to hear of such events. A quick search of haunted locations, don’t be surprised when your top 15 or 20 include one of these kinds of landmarks. I must confirm that this was the one and only eerie experience that I had in my many years while at the doing one of the many jobs that I participated in while at the theatre.

The one other event that I can think of was while visiting someone else’s house. I was sitting down at a dining table with a friend. We were the only two inside the house, everyone else was outside in the garage playing darts. Windows were closed up as it was cool outside, but not cool enough to warrant the heater being on. After playing cards for a bit, my opponent stopped to stare at me. Shortly I realized he wasn’t looking at my but instead past me toward the large bay window of the front room.

I turned to look, what I found was three independent vertical blinds, protruding at what appeared to be a forty five degree angle from it’s siblings. These three blinds rocked back and forth steadily. Not once impacting the blinds around them. I should also mention that earlier that same year, someone had passed away from a heart attack in that home. Do I truly believe this is related to the event? No, I do not. I do not believe that these events were truly examples of haunted places.

I do believe that some places are haunted, I just do not believe that I have been to one or experienced one yet.

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