Ghost, Demons, & Spirits Oh My

This will be a two part post. Tomorrow we will delve into haunted places or objects.

While today won’t be as nerdy, as usual, we will speak on the media relationships or depictions. Today we focus on the apparitions or entities tied with the title beings, first question I will answer is if I have ever witnessed or experienced this phenomena. The short answer, I don’t know.

While working as a [back] stage manager at a local theatre, we were putting on the show Les Misérables. I was setting up the props for the next scene, I saw one of the young actors pass by me on the way to the hallway of the single restroom behind the stage. Thinking nothing of it; I continued to get everything ready. Only when a minute or so went by and it hit me. The bathroom light was still not on.

Why is this something noteworthy that seemed strange? Well backstage the lights are kept off with only red runner lights left on. So when someone went to the restroom the light shined like a lighthouse in the dark. I went toward the hallway, and the bathroom door was left open no one in the hallway or in the actual bathroom itself. The hallway had no exits or other doors, it was just used to prevent the light making it to the stage.

Could it have been someone extremely sneaky and quiet getting past me? Possibly, but I will never truly know.

Demons on the other hand, I can say that I have not witnessed anything of the sort, to this point in my life. I have met some all around awful people that I could compare to said monsters but, none of Satan’s little helpers that would have even registered on my radar. I have been described events from people that I know that have talked about such attachments. They have since warded away these darknesses.

Would I be open to knowing the truth behind these events? Sure, but at the same time the though of something leaving an imprint upon the world is not shocking enough to keep me from sleeping. I will not tell you what to believe but many people have had these occurrences, out there somewhere one of the stories likely resonates with you.

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