Fantastic Four: Can the MCU Save Them?

Many cheered as Disney closed the deal acquiring Fox. Marvel fans specifically excited over the X-Men and Fantastic Four character returning home or to the MCU. While X-Men has been able to find success through more than a handful of thier movies, Fantastic Four struggled with this same task.

From a gas bubble excuse of a Galactus, to the critic and fan failure of 2015’s Fantastic Four, the characters have struggled to define their own space in any cinematic presence. Why has this first family of Marvel struggled to find their own? Why was Chris Evans so much more believable as Steve Rogers than the Human Torch?

At the time of the Fantastic Four [2005] released it was on the heels of X-Men and X2 [X-Men United], which had brought a new generation as well as non comic book fans together for a sci-fi action adventure. Fantastic Four seems to focus more on the Sci-Fi than the action or adventure. Utilizing rubber body suit reminiscent of 1989 TMNT. This led to an “okay” movie with promise of bigger aspects in the next movie. Rise of the Silver Surfer did a poor job of representing the strongest Marvel character that the silver screen has ever seen. Shelving the space scientist until more than 7 years later.

Now before I get into what I hope to see in the future of Ben, Sue, Richard, and Johnny, I want to take a second to speak about that most recent film. Josh Trank helmed the film and when it was announced that he would be directing. I held out hope, as I hold Chronicle very highly among other super hero independent movies. It was creative view of a teenage psyche meets super powered puberty. That aside, more facts slowly trickled out about the film, such as Sue and Johnny becoming adoptive brother and sister, which in my opinion did not provide an accurate depiction. These mixed with an extremely lengthy back and forth story telling, and late introduction to the super powers set this film up to let the consumer down. Josh has since admitted that the film did not demonstrate what he wanted at all.

Will Marvel do this differently, or at all? It is hard to say, with rumors flying around of an end credit scene depicting a certain X-Man during Avengers: Endgame, it is hard to say if Marvel is all that eager to jump into the recently assimilated once Fox properties. Note: this rumor is not confirm and highly debated as the film still has multiple weeks before it’s official release date.

What I can say is that, after Thanos, a villain like the calculating Doctor Doom would be a great direction to head in. Even something as complicated as a revival of the Secret Wars stories put into film would be a great use of ALL of these characters. I truly hope that these characters do not continue to sit on the shelf collecting dust.

Final thought on the subject: I have to say that Michael B. Jordan was an amazing Killmonger so thankfully his reign as Johnny Storm did not last.

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