Ending or The Journey

When it comes to stories, no matter if it is a book, movie, tv show, or game, they all have have to come to an end. Often the ending is used to wrap up loose ends or even provide a final twist to the story. It provides closure.

Some say that the more important than where you end up is the journey to get there. The journey is what builds and develop your character. What would it mean if all we saw was Frodo dropping the ring into the lava. The impact would be no where near as significant.

The ending can be villain-ized so easily. You can watch an entire movie and then blame the last 15 minutes for disliking it. Is that fair? Or should we have blamed the path leading to it? What about good movies, should we give all the credit to the ending? Does a single episode make an entire series good?

Sometimes the ending and story is so good that you are sad that it is ending. You cross your fingers hoping for a sequel.

Sometimes the ending is short and sweet just like this post.

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