Back To The Classics

As a young boy, I counted myself lucky because as soon as I could talk my father placed an NES controller in my hand. Duck Hunt, Super Mario Bros, Battletoads, and Metal Storm to name a few of the regulars from my childhood.

My favorite may have been Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: the Manhattan Project. The beat ’em up gameplay was strong, and the co-op was even better. However this one was special for another reason; I think back to a day when my father had been missing for what felt like forever (in reality likely 4-5 hours). The sun had began to hide behind the neighbor houses and a violet sky shone through the window. The same window that I looked out every 5-10 minutes wondering where he had gone without me. After around 100 dead ducks and 1 very aggravating dog later, I heard the front door open and a rustle of plastic shopping bag with that very same video game in tow.

It would be years later before I fully comprehended what had occurred. My father, knowing my love of the Ninja Turtles, spent the entirety of his day traveling from store to store in search for the recently released third game. I still think back to this day and reflect on the lengths that my parents went to provide me a happy childhood.

I wanted to share the story as a point of reference on how big of a part of my life the original Nintendo Entertainment System was growing it.

Fast forward to 2018. Nintendo has released their online pass for the Switch. A measly 20$ a year to play online with your friends, far less than their direct counterparts of Sony & Microsoft [at 60$ annually]. Not only would that dollar bill with Andrew Jackson’s face on it pay for online, but it also provided you access to several of the original NES games. Month over month Nintendo has added more of the classics.

Many were ecstatic of the concept of playing these “retro” games on their portable console. Somehow it did not grab me. The online aspect did not appeal to me, I had the PS4 for those games. Even with my love of the games I grew up on, it just did not draw me in to try it, I instead would make the decision to throw on a quick game of Enter the Gungeon, or more recently Super Smash Bros.

That is until yesterday. Twitch Prime had a deal to provide members with free year of Nintendo online (separated into 3 months initially and 9 months after the first 60 days). I was not a Twitch Prime member, so why should I care, it did not impact me directly. I moved on. Come to find out later, if you are an Amazon Prime member you are treated to a “free” Twitch Prime account and in turn can receive the promotion for the Nintendo Online in a daisy chain of Amazon benefits.

Here I am today finding myself playing the classics once again. Scoring a touchdown in Tecmo Bowl, Flying around as Icarus and Kirby. Reliving these games that I held so fondly. While not an extensive library of games, it was enough to shake away the modern age of gaming and step back into the shoes of a young impressionable boy fighting for a high score once again.

While I can say that it has captured my attention for today. I honestly do not know if it is just a short trip down nostalgia lane, or if it has truly re-captured the magic behind this 6.2 inch screen. We will have to see what makes the cut onto the Online Library and if it can maintain my attention as it once did.

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