Avengers Anticipation

Tomorrow, April 2nd, at 6AM PST tickets to Avengers Endgame tickets are expect the become available to pre-order. I am excited to say the least. Watching a story that have been setup come to a close and being a part of opening night is not just a show, but an event. One day this may be akin to how one looks back to watching the original star wars trilogy in theaters.

Now am I saying that Avengers is on the same as Star Wars or it’s sequels? No. They are vastly different. However as the original trilogy did for mainstream sci-fi, Avengers is doing/has done for shared universes. Regardless of the ending, or who lives and who dies, Marvel’s Cinematic Universe has taken us on an amazing adventure.

Introduced many of us to characters that we would never have previously had exposure to. Gave kids and adults alike, heroes of different cultures, genders, and ages. The relationships, friendships, and mentorships each promoting strong character building.

The one thing that struggled for me personally was the villains. They often felt typical or repetitive. However that felt slightly different with Thanos. Thanos was teased throughout multiple movies, shown only in a handful of scenes. His actions masked behind a cloak until Infinity War came out last year.

Thanos, once out from the shadows, runs with purpose towards a goal of altruism in the twisted label of “balance”. Sacrificing what he describes as “everything” to accomplish this goal. The efforts he is willing to go for this is something that is rivaled or mirrored by our heroes drive to protect their world, friends, or loved ones.

The match up made for an excellent precursor and setup of the conclusion of the Avenger’s tagline movies. I am extremely excited to see this wrap up and give what ever resolution Marvel has in store for us.

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